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If you’ve ever made a website, you’re no doubt aware just how much impact a photo adds to the end result. With photos, everything just seems a lot more professional.

The only problem I had was finding photos that were a) good and b) copyright free.

As a law abiding citizen and business owner point B is actually quite important. Although it’s easy to simply take photos from, if you use them on a professional website you’re actually opening yourself up to some serious theft of copyrighted material litigation, so you need to find photos that have been declared copyright free by the owner, or buy the license to them.

At first I looked at, who have a massive database of photos that you can license. I hear they’ve really changed the game, changed the way photographers work, but you know what? They’re just damn expensive.

Then I found Great, it’s all copyright free, the only problem is everyone wants attribution. So if you use the image in say an ad banner somewhere, you have to write who took the photo and link back to the site, urgh.

Wikimedia Commons seems pretty good, and I’ve actually used a few of their photos before. Although a lot of them seem to be of big buildings or infrastructure from the outside. They’re mostly donated by governments I think, who can’t keep the copyright anyway.

Then I found the solution, At the moment it’s only $25 for 15 photos (buy more and it’s even less), completely copyright and attribution free. They’re pretty artsy too. I like (especially because it’s free), but for the sites I’ve started doing it’s just not cutting the mustard and I didn’t want to pay iStockPhoto, 123rf are one of the oldest players around anyway and really came to the rescue.

More professional looking sites are on the way..

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