My WTF moment

I’m working on some checklist / light process management software for small business.

I’m trying to put a lot of effort into the way it looks and feels, the way it guides the user to do exactly what they want to do at that point in time and not display any extraneous / useless data that will just clutter the screen. One of the key pages is their task list / checklist.

When it got to the point of writing the code to help users through their first login and initial setup of their environment I was thinking hmmm…. well there’s actually a few steps, do I need some kind of wizard for this, but where would it go? And I don’t want to force them to do all the steps right away. Maybe some kind of…….. checklist?

Then I realised, it’s checklist software, it’s sole purpose is to handle your list! Just make the setup tasks the first tasks on their list when they log in : P

Sometimes it’s hard to¬†practice¬†what you preach ; )

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