Documenting a Startup Episode 2

In one little action I’d completely humiliated my fiance.

After fiddling with GWT for a few hours my amazing app was ready to share, complete with a horrible color scheme and some very ‘special’ to say the least faces.

I post it on my facebook feed for laughs and my ever supportive fiance, without even realizing what she was linking to put it on her feed as ‘probably the best thing ever’.

The next day I’m chuckling over how crap version 1 was but how liberating to have it out in the wild free and from my own fears of not meeting the expectations of others, having thoroughly lowered them. While checking the visitor analytics, I idly comment  that there are actually quite a few users from Canada and Sri Lanka. She freezes.

Canada and Sri Lanka? Those are her home countries, and therefore her friends who clicked her link! She rushes to the website hoping that it’s the inspired genius she’d expect from her can-do-no-wrong fiance.

Sorry babe, it’s version one, the minimum viable product, as crap as it gets ; )

“I hate you”

The occupational hazards of a startup!

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